Why Choose A Custom Made Neon Sign

Some signs look great in the day but somehow at night they seem to lose their aesthetic appeal. This is because most signs available are either constructed making use of cut vinyl lettering or wide format digital printing or a combination of both. Don’t get me wrong, a well designed hard hitting digital print or vinyl cut letter sign can be extremely effective in a well lit up area, that has plenty of daytime exposure. However when it comes down to it, all may look great in the daytime but fade into obscurity once the sun sets. It’s really hard to beat the “punch” that a great sign has in the daytime with the addition of some clever neon additions just to add that extra eye catching appeal either once the sun goes down (for outdoor signage) or in the case of indoor “mall-type” signage. Making use of a qualified, experienced Neon fabrication team could open a whole new world for you brand, both in the day as well as in the night time. You see, an experienced neon guy will be able to craft you that perfect custom neon signs that will differentiate you from the rest of the eye candy on display at any given place. A great neon custom sign manufacturer will take into account a number of important factors needing consideration when offering custom built neon signs for example, location, other signage near to yours, the colors thereof and what substrates to best accentuate your custom brand identity. Whether or not the sign should be animated, or not etc. He/She will also asses the electrical power requirements needed for the job and advise on how best to install or place the custom made neon sign to best capture your required result and ultimately drive more feet into your shop.

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