Optometrist Central Texas – No More Dry Eyes

Every time we blink our eyelids, we spread our tears across the entire front surface of the cornea of our eyes. Since our tears are known to provide lubrication, we reduce our risk for infection, keep our eye surface clear and silky, and also free from foreign matters. It is primarily composed of oils and mucuous that are produced by the glands in the eyelids far from the tears we shed every time we cry.

Our tears are very essential for the health maintenance of the eye and for a much clearer vision. Any lack of production or decreased quality of tears can lead to a condition called a dry eye. This is a common condition which affects particularly the older adults where the tears becomes insufficient and is not enough to nourish and moisturize the eye.

A dry eye syndrome can be medically named as keratoconjunctivitis sicca or keratitis sicca which means irritated eyes. This condition is caused by insufficient supply of water layer of tears. If you are suffering from this condition, you may experience the following symptoms: blurred vision, feeling of foreign matter in the eye, itchy and watery eyes, gritty and burning sensations, redness, light sensitivity, and sharp pain. If dryness of the eye becomes advanced, it can impair vision or cause damage to the eye’s surface. The contributing factors that can lead to this condition are aging, women with hormonal changes, certain medications like antihistamines and decongestants, medical conditions like DM and arthritis, windy and dry conditions, and also long term use of contact lenses.

dry eye syndrome that is caused by a mild irritation or as a consequence of a visual problem still requires the professional attention of an eye care practitioner such as the optometrist Austin. Having an eye care provider to check for the quality and quantity of your tears through a comprehensive eye examination, a proper treatment and management can be prescribed that would help you restore or maintain the quality and quantity of tears, therefore minimizing dryness and discomfort, and avoid further complications to promote eye health.

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