Crafty Strategies to Make Your Business Neon Signs Stand Out

Neon signs are still the craze when it comes to business promotion even up to this day. Many business owners swear by their effectiveness in making their stores and shops highly recognizable to their customers. These signs can be noticed from a far distance. During daytime, the sun’s glaring rays couldn’t even lessen the intensity of their luminous glow. At night, these signs are unquestionably eye-catching and head-turning sets of advertisements on the roads.

While neon signs are great because of their intense luminosity, some strategies should also be employed when it comes to designing your own business neon signage. A lot of stores in your neighboring areas will also be using these signs so you have to make sure your designs stand out compared to theirs. Many business owners commit the mistake of ordering standard rectangular neon advertisings. If your signs aren’t creative enough, they will still be lost in the wash of other business signs in your area.

Business owners have to be crafty when it comes to their neon signage designs. Instead of ordering the standard template, why not ask for an odd-shaped border. True, you may have to pay extra but at least you’re neon signs will make a very big impact. An odd-shaped border will definitely stand out compared to a rectangular one.

Go big with the letters of the text if you can. Don’t cram up the list of your products into your front signage. Customers will only get confused reading up all your product names. Just put your business name up high and the general description of your business.

You may also incorporate a savvy drawing of an immediate item or product that best describes your business. For instance, if you’re a beauty salon then you can include a hair blower into your design. If you sell flowers, then a flower design will be a great addition.

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